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Joey Skladany
June 22, 2017

If competitive drinking is your sport of choice, we challenge you to our Official Olympics Opening Ceremony Drinking Game. Because nothing says "Go Team USA!" quite like a Friday evening alcohol binge and subsequent Saturday morning hangover. 

What You’ll Need

-  A cocktail recipe that is easy to sip. To capture the spirit of Brazil (but not the armed robbery or Zika part), we recommend a classic Caipirinha

- A pilsner beer, since it is the most popular type in Brazil

- Cachaça (or your favorite liquor)

- A medal, if you have it. A long necklace will also suffice. 

How this Works

You listen to Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira and we'll provide the sipping cues (see: Rules). Please drink responsibly. Or at least more responsibly than Russian athletes or Olympic village architects



You are hosting this party: Put on the medal and take a shot before the ceremony begins. 

A country you didn’t know existed is announced: Sip your beer. 

Going into a commercial break, NBC plays Katy Perry’s “Rise”: Everyone in the room must stand up. The last person to stand up must take a shot. They will then have to wear the medal. 

A country you’ve traveled to is announced: Sip your beer. 

Meredith describes a country’s costumes as “unique”: Sip your drink. 

There is a technical difficulty: Assign someone to take a shot if you are the first person to notice it. 

You see an American athlete with red, white and blue nail polish: Go around in a circle and name something red, white or blue in the room. The person who either repeats an answer or stalls must take a shot and wear the necklace. 

Michael Phelps almost hits someone with the flag: Sip your drink for five seconds. 

Zika virus is mentioned: Poke someone in the room. The number of pokes = the number of seconds you have to chug your drink.

Matt says “wow”: Sip your beer. 

You spot Usain Bolt: Make a complete lap around the couch. The last one to sit back down in their spot has to wear the medal. 

Donald Trump happens to be mentioned: Throw your drink into a wall. Just kidding. Take a shot of cachaça. 

You are the last person wearing the medal: Chug the rest of your drink. Congratulations! You’re an Olympic Drinking Game champion and have made your country proud. 

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