By Joey Skladany
June 22, 2017
© MCT via Getty Images

If you survived last week’s Donald Trump drinking game without a hangover, we challenge you to this week’s official Hillary Clinton Democratic Convention Speech Drinking Game. Because a) nothing pairs better with politics than booze and b) you're going to need something to drown out the angry Bernie Sanders supporters. 


What You'll Need

- A cocktail recipe that is easy to sip. To capture the spirit of blue, we recommend the Finding Nemo. It's a lot easier to find than Debbie Wasserman Schultz's reputation

- Your favorite beer

- Shots of whatever liquor suits your fancy. We’d recommend keeping the alcohol consistent with what’s in your mixed drink.

How This Works

You do the watching and we'll provide the sipping cues (see: Rules). Please drink responsibly. Or at least more responsibly than Hillary's use of her personal email account. 


If Hillary...

Wears a blue pantsuit: Everyone must go around in a circle and name something that is blue in the room. The person who either repeats an answer or stalls must take a shot to kick off the night.  

Says the word “diversity”: Everyone must take a shot of beer and liquor, chasing both with their mixed drink. 

Nods after saying something that she knows will warrant an applause: Count the number of nods and take that many sips of your beer. 

Lifts both hands into the air: Lift your own hands into the air. The last person to do so must take a shot of liquor. 

Mentions the infamous emails, or lack thereof: Go around in a circle and reveal your first AOL or AIM screen name. The person with the most embarrasing (by majority vote—no superdelegates) must chug their mixed drink for five seconds. 

Calls Donald Trump “dangerous": Take a sip of your mixed drink. 

Discusses her relationship with Obama: Link arms with the person closest to you. The odd man out must chug their mixed drink for five seconds. If there is an even number of people, the last two people to link arms must chug their mixed drink for five seconds. 

Addresses Bernie Sanders supporters and/or gets interrupted by them: Take a sip of your beer. If you're the last person in the room to finish your first beer, you must take a shot of maple syrup (preferably from Vermont). 

Speaks to her time as Secretary of State: Go around the room and say "hello" in a different language. The person who either repeats an answer or stalls must chug their beer for five seconds. 

Makes an awkward pop culture reference to target young voters: Scream the name of your favorite pop star. The last person to do so must sip their mixed drink for five seconds. 

Laughs at her own joke: Stay completely silent. The first person to crack must do a shot of liquor. 

"You're going to drink your drink and you're going to like it."