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Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

If you’re the kind of old school partier who likes to relax with a few beers and a bit of chain smoking, you’ll probably want to avoid the South Pacific and might want to consider taking a vacation to South Africa or the Philippines instead. This week, Deutsche Bank released their annual Sin Index report, letting travelers know which cities are the most expensive and which are the cheapest when it comes to buying five beers and two packs of smokes. Yes, that ratio of cigarettes to beer seems way too high, but I guess that’s just how they roll over at Deutsche Bank.

Melbourne, Australia, once again topped the list as the most expensive sin city, with the cost of those seven products setting hard-partying types (with some possible looming medical issues) back $66.90. Singapore came in second at $64 for the sin pack. Ranking third was Auckland, New Zealand, where leading a sinful life will cost you $63.50. Although, non-smokers should take a bit of solace in knowing that a lot of that cost comes from massive cigarette taxes in Australia.


If you’re looking to save cash on a wild night out – or start some sort of illegal cigarette importing business – Manila in the Philippines is the most cost effective place to do it. There, five beers and two packs of cigarettes is just $11.60 – earning it my personal nickname of “Let’s go to Manila!” The next two cheapest cities are located in South Africa: Johannesburg and Cape Town, where the Sin Index is $14 and $14.10 respectively.

Granted, the Sin Index criteria seems a bit outdated. I doubt many people today consider smoking two packs of cigarettes a good night out. Why not toss some other things into the formula instead: the price of a tequila shot, the cover charge to get into a strip club and the average bet at an underground cock fight? True, those things are still probably cheaper in Manila than in Melbourne, but at least you’ll get a more accurate picture of what a night out will cost you.

[h/t The Telegraph]

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