Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017

Just when you thought the Internet’s ironically-detached obsession with LaCroix Sparkling Water couldn’t get any more ironic or further detached, along comes a new site that lets users instantly customize a can of LaCroix into any colors and flavors they want. Personally, I whipped up a bottle of Fromage LaCroix because, if you ask me, this whole thing is starting to get a bit cheesy.

Not much can be said about other than it does exactly what it says it does… and does it well: providing you a finished product that is a spinning 3D-rendering of your generated can (that can even be controlled a bit with a mouse no less). Users can alter the six different elements that make up the can’s color scheme, choosing from a vast number of HTML color codes, and pick the text they want to see where the flavor usually goes. Once you “Flavorize” your can, you are given a final option to share it on Facebook, tweet it or download the GIF.


The generator apparently comes courtesy of the creative studio Nelson Cash, with the site openly stating it is “not affiliated with LaCroix,” they’re just fans. Of course. If this campaign were sponsored by LaCroix, there’s no way it would be as successful. That’s how being cool works. It reminds me of what happened to Pabst Blue Ribbon back in the ‘90s. Speaking of which, I made a Pabst Blue Ribbon-flavored LaCroix… mainly just because I can.

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