© Daisho Fishery Company
Clara Olshansky
June 22, 2017

Tea is a ritual for many. A moment in your busy day when you can sit back, relax and sip on a warm cup of calm. One company wants to change that completely with these shark attack tea bags. With these creative tea bags, your soothing tea can have all the drama of Jaws. When you combine the shape of the tea bag, the human-shaped tag, and the slow, swirling way this red tea mixes with the hot water, it really does start to look like a recently-attacked shark slowly bleeding out into the hot water.

These tea bags are the brainchild of the Daisho Fishery Company, a company that once brought us dolphin-shaped tea bags (cool, but not quite as exciting as a shark). The Daisho Fishery Company's tea bag inventions are crowdfunded. With the dolphin version, the company set a goal of ¥500,000 (about $4,800 USD) and ended up bringing in ¥2,500,000 (about $23,900 USD). For these sharks, the company is shooting for ¥1,000,000 (about $9,600 USD), and they're already more than halfway there. 

The shark tea bags come in two varieties, green and red. The green tea seems less, er, realistic —it's hard to imagine a shark bleeding green — but at least they're quality green tea leaves. As for the red, it's not going to caffeinate you, but maybe the thrill of it will be enough to wake you up. It's a rosehip and hibiscus herbal tea. If you want to guarantee that these sharky teas become a reality, head over to the Makuake page to donate to the Daisho Fishery Company's efforts. 

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