By Noah Kaufman
June 22, 2017
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This Jell-O shot machine, which raised $4 million dollars from investors, automatically makes 20 shots in just ten minutes flat, in margarita, piña colada, or strawberry flavors. The Jevo is geared toward bars at the moment, where crowds of hungry college students probably eat (or slurp) these things up, but having one at your next house party would certainly would certainly keep your guests entertained. 

Food & Beverage Innovations

The podification of our favorite drinks took yet another step forward this week. We already have machines billing themselves as the Keurig of cocktails and beer. Now you can cross Jell-O shots off the list as well. The Jevo—which has already raised more than $4 million from investors—claims it can automatically make 20 Jell-O shots in just 10 minutes using K-Cup-style pods for shots like margarita, piña colada or the plain old strawberry ones you used to drink in college. At this point the machine is geared toward bars, not home users. It comes with built-in screens designed to advertise brands and drink specials, and it has already received support from distilling giant Beam Suntory (makers of Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark and Yamazaki whiskey). But just because it’s going to start in bars certainly doesn’t mean it will stay there. Remember, those terrifying-looking Jägermeister machines used to exist exclusively in bars, and now you can just order them on Amazon. The official launch of the Jevo will come next week at the Las Vegas Nightclub & Bar Show, scheduled to run from March 30 to April 1. And if company founder Jeff Jetton is right with his projections, next year more than 20,000 bars will have Jell-O shots at the push of a button. The Jevo might also be the only machine in the world to cater to the disparate markets of popped-collar frat guys and retirement homes. Jetton sees an alcohol-free version of his technology making sweet, edible containers for medication for the elderly, saying, “We can have medications in the mix, it’s easier to consume. That’s when you start looking and seeing it’s bigger than Jell-O shots and college kids.” Jetton may not be giving the older generations enough credit. They might want Jell-O shots, too.  

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