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FWx Editors
June 22, 2017

As lovers of coffee we will sheepishly admit that we’ve filled our cabinets with at least four different contraptions to brew a morning cup of coffee. Don’t judge! But a handsome new machine currently blowing up Kickstarter could declutter kitchens everywhere.

The GINA (pronounced just like it looks) is a triple threat. It can work as a traditional pour-over like your Chemex (the inventors actually recommend Chemex filters), an immersion brewer that will produce French press-like results or a cold brew dripper. It also includes a built-scale for precision and, because no new invention is complete without one, an accompanying app. The app will help you plan the amount of coffee, water and time you should use to get a brew of your choosing.  And the stylish design will make you proud to leave the GINA out on display on your counter.

The brewer comes from the Slovenian minds that previously brought you GOAT coffee mugs—the ones that look horns—and it did the Kickstarter version of a mic drop, raising over $200,000 in just the first few days it showed up online.


There is still time to get early bird pricing on the project. For $160 pledge you can get a GINA circa April 2017. If you currently feel like your coffee gear is a little behind the times, you can order one here.

And to check out all three modes in action see the videos below.

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