By Clara Olshansky
Updated: December 09, 2016
© Chronicle Cremation Designs

Ever looked at the urn full of your beloved grandmother's ashes and thought, "Man, I wish we could put those to more practical use?" Yeah, that's not really a thing. Still, Chronicle Cremation Designs, a design company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, turns people's ashes into bowls, mugs, bottles, and more. Basically, somewhere out there someone's making a Funfetti mug cake in the remains of his deceased father.

According to the Guardian, the idea for Chronicle came when founder Justin Crowe was doing an art project in which he used the ashes of 200 people to make a set of dinnerware. He then had a party where he used the dinnerware. Soon, he was getting special requests from friends to turn their own relatives' ashes into ceramics. In that vein, today Chronicle has a refer a friend program, where you get money off your own purchase if a friend buys from Chronicle.

So what exactly does Chronicle do? It takes the ashes and mixes them with other natural materials to create a ceramic glaze. They then coat whatever design you chose with this glaze and fire it up to make your finished, relative-coated piece of ceramic ware.

The site reads, "Rather than observing a symbol of a person, like a cremation urn or a photograph, Chronicle's designs allow you to engage on a sensory level with your memories." Of course, the best ceramic product that Chronicle has to offer is probably the cremation urn. You can actually store someone's ashes in an urn made of someone else's ashes.