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Mike Pomranz
Updated November 09, 2016

Not that just hangin’ out at Bed Bath & Beyond wasn’t already a perfectly acceptable way to spend a Saturday, now, a forthcoming outlet of the housewares retailer is making an even bigger pitch to be an all-day destination, opening an adjacent café that will serve beer and wine. Who wants to talk about these spatulas?! Sorry if I slur my speech!

According to the New York Post, a BB&B location slated to open in Brooklyn – possibly as soon as Black Friday – has already obtained the necessary permits for on-premise consumption from the New York State Liquor Authority. Though the Post describes the café area as being outside the main store entrance, the paper does suggest that the move will “allow shoppers to swig away and better experience the goods as they roam the aisles.” Yes, it’s the Bed Bath & Beyond lax open container policy of your dreams. If Brooklyn can’t turn this store into the hottest singles scene in the city, the whole country may want to rethink just how committed that borough is to maintaining its ironic hipster cred.

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Sadly, it sounds like you’ll only be able to drink alcohol that you’ve purchased on the premises at Bed Bath & Beyond. I say “sadly” because nothing would be more fun than saying, “Who wants to go to that BYOB BB&B?” (I mean, I assume that would be fun by the standards of people who find going to Bed Bath & Beyond really fun, right?)

Another interesting tidbit: The Post noticed that the Bed Bath & Beyond in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood also has a liquor license on file for its small café, however, that permit is listed as “inactive.” Why are you holding out on us, BB&B? It’s not like it’s a bad idea to get people drunk and then let them wander around a store with a lot of comfortable display bedding… Oh, actually, I could see how that could possibly become a problem.

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