By Mike Pomranz
June 22, 2017
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Somehow yogurt liquer continues to fly under the radar in the United States. How is it possible that we still have frozen yogurt shops on every corner but alcoholic yogurt never caught on as a trend?  And a better question, can we replace those frozen yogurt places with yogurt liqueur bars?

Apparently, Bols Yogurt Liqueur is finally starting to catch on in Florida where bartenders are using it in piña coladas. MarketWatch spoke to the people behind Bols, best known for its gin-esque genever, who admitted that the idea of a yogurt cocktail is a bit of a tough sell. “It doesn’t immediately sound like something you want to try,” said Bols marketing director Jaron Berkhemer.  But, the brand is trying to put a good face on the drink, noting that it is “made from natural ingredients only” including “high-quality fresh yoghurt.”  It clocks in at a low (by liqueur standards) 15 percent ABV.

MarketWatch’s Charles Passy admitted that the drink wasn’t up his alley as a standalone beverage, claiming, “It’s not quite tangy enough to be truly yogurt-like and it’s got an off-putting texture to boot (it falls somewhere in that strange and scary zone between milk and water).” But he did find that it managed to lend a nice, creamy texture to the piña colada.

What doesn’t get mentioned, however, is one thing everyone really loves about yogurt: probiotics.  If someone can come up with an alcohol that’ll actually help my gut instead of destroy it, you’ll earn yourself a customer!

[h/t Consumerist]

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