Justin Sullivan
Mike Pomranz
Updated February 09, 2017

Is it a healthy idea? Almost certainly not, but at one Japanese restaurant chain, trying to drink as much as you can in ten minutes is a good deal. According to RocketNews24, casual steak joint Volks is currently running this crazy all-you-can-drink happy hour deal (or should we say happy ten minutes deal?) for the dirt cheap price of just 100 yen – or about 88 cents.

“Between 2 and 7 p.m., 100 yen will get you 10 minutes of all-you-can-drink alcoholic beverages, with 10 minute extensions costing an additional 100 yen each,” RocketNews24 writes. Just to handle the numbers for you, that means a full hour of all the drinking you can muster would run just $5.30. And the offer includes more than just beer. “The menu for the deal includes Asashi Super Dry draft beer (in large, medium, or small glasses), whisky highballs, shochu, shochu sour cocktails (lemon and grapefruit flavors), plum wine cocktails, and finally, red or white wine (in glasses or decanters),” the article continues.


Needless to say, ten minutes is already a pretty tight timeframe, and apparently the rules are a bit stingy as well. The clock starts as soon as you tell your server you want the deal, not when the first drink arrives; and it doesn’t end until you pay at the register, meaning you’re bound to waste valuable seconds walking from your seat to the cashier. Plus, for you hoarders out there, another rule: You can’t order a new drink until you’ve finished the one in front of you. It’s almost like these guys don’t want you to drink eight beers in ten minutes for 88 cents!

Still, the hardworking people over at RocketNews24 decided to head to a Volks outpost and try out the mind-bogglingly good special in person. They said they drank two beers and a glass of white wine with the time from first order to cashing out clocking in at 18 minutes and 17 seconds, but were only charged 100 yen anyway. With a deal like that, instead of hitting up your local bar, it might be more cost effective to fly to Japan for happy hour.

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