By Noah Kaufman
June 22, 2017
© Morry Gash

This morning, the Masters began at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Generally, they take things a bit slower down south, but from now until Sunday the energy will be high surrounding one of the most exciting golf tournaments in the world.  Tiger Woods is out this year with a bad back, but you can still listen to the announcers intensely whisper names like Mickelson and Bubba for hours on end all weekend. And nothing goes better with a long day of watching golf than sipping a southern cocktail, like these.

The Gentleman Johnson

A Bourbon and iced tea highball out of Nashville. If you mix it right, no one will even know you’re drinking.

The Bobby Boucher

To be consumed while screaming “You can do it” at the television.

The Charleston Bog

A sweet, fruity bourbon cocktail its creator made for the non-bourbon lovers out there.

The Southern Cucumber

There is something about a drink with cucumbers that says country club isn’t there?

Mint Julep

Sure, it’s supposed to be for the Kentucky Derby, but the Masters is 500 times as long. You need something you can drink nice and slow like a julep.

The Kentucky Cousin

This thing has got more cherries than you can shake a 9 iron at. That’s the saying right?

Cajun Lemonade

A spicy version of the Pimm’s Cup. Like the Masters, it took something from Great Britain and southern-ified it.

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