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Clara Olshansky
June 22, 2017

You know that eggplant emoji that keeps appearing in people's Tinder bios? Well, Durex has teased us all with a recent tweet announcing their new "savory #condom range", including an emoji-inspired Eggplant flavor. (Or, for the United Kingdom condom fans out there, the Aubergine flavour.) Unfortunately though, for everyone who wishes emoji could more vividly describe their sex lives, the eggplant condom isn't a real thing.

The tweet is part of Durex's campaign against the Unicode Consortium's decision not to include a condom emoji. Among the 72 new emojis in June, Unicode included two different fists, a clown face and a sneeze, but no condom. Durex has been petitioning the organization to get a condom on the keyboard lineup since last November, around the time of World AIDS Day. The company's argument was that "Emojis are a crucial part of how young couples connect and research suggests that the creation of official safe sex emojis are vital to inserting messages around protection into their sexual conversations."

At first, Durex played the whole eggplant emoji thing pretty deadpan. They even gave the Daily Dot a very official-sounding reason for the product's release: "Following Unicode's decision not to approve an official condom emoji, leaving young people without a symbol to signify safe sex, this product launch comes from Durex to...empower young people to put safe sex back on the menu."

Seven hours after the initial tweet, which has since garnered over 8,000 retweets, Durex admitted it was a joke, once again calling on Unicode to roll out a condom emoji. Durex has been pushing the #CondomEmoji pretty hard in the last few days. No response yet from the Unicode Consortium. But hey, if they don't respond, we always have the balloon emoji.

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