Stephanie Izard's Favorite Thing to Grill Are These Super Easy Ribs

They cook fast and are paired with a quick marinade, too.

With grilling season in full swing, Stephanie Izard is revisiting one of her all-time favorite summer recipes: kalbi ribs. They're quick, easy, and packed with flavor, and Izard pairs them with seasonal corn and a charred okra relish — optional, she notes, but delicious.

In a new video, filmed from her outdoor kitchen in Chicago, the chef guides viewers step-by-step through the recipe, which is a favorite at her restaurant Girl & the Goat. As a Lexus Culinary Master, Izard expresses gratitude that Lexus gave her funds to support her staff during the coronavirus pandemic, as she mobilized her Chicago restaurants to serve meal kits to stay afloat.

Below, Izard breaks down how to make her go-to summer ribs.

Make the Marinade…

Izard says you can swap in red wine vinegar for malt vinegar if you'd rather not use it, and suggests using a microplane to shave the garlic into tiny bits to infuse flavor into the marinade. You don't need to let the ribs marinate for a long amount of time, either, since the intense flavors will infuse in quickly.

… and Don’t Forget to Reserve Some

The remaining marinade will be mixed with butter to drizzle over the corn (and ribs!), and in the video, Izard also mixes a little bit with the okra relish.

Cook On High Heat

Beef short ribs are something you can cook low and slow, in order to melt the fat and make them tender; however, the style of ribs Izard's cooking with are cut really thin, so you can cook them over high heat for a shorter amount of time. You have to pull the meat off the bone to really enjoy it, but it's worth it, she says.

Don't have a grill? You can also use an oven. Just make sure it's set to super high heat.


To serve, transfer everything to a platter and drizzle the kalbi butter over the ribs and corn, adding okra relish too if you opt to make it. Izard says they serve the dish at Girl & the Goat, and that she's seen customers try to knife and fork every part of it — she votes picking everything up and going for it.

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