How Khushbu Shah Picked Food & Wine's Best New Chefs 2020

Food & Wine's Restaurant Editor spent months on the road to find the chefs who will lead us into the future.

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Episode 70: How Restaurant Editor Khushbu Shah Picked the Best New Chefs of 2020

For months, Food & Wine's Restaurant Editor Khushbu Shah spent every waking (and sleeping) second scouting out restaurants across the United States and Puerto Rico to assemble the 2020 class of Best New Chefs. Just a very short time after her final flight, restaurants all over the country closed their doors—some temporarily and some permanently—as social distancing regulations set in and the coronavirus pandemic threatened the lives and livelihood of millions of hospitality workers. On the day before the BNC 2020 class was announced, Shah explained what went into her extremely rigorous decision making process, and why she believes that this group of chefs holds the future of restaurants in their very capable hands.

Note: Because the podcast had to be recorded in a less than ideal setup, the sound quality may not be as crisp as usual. We're all doing our best.

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