Communal Table Podcast: Vinny Eng

The sommelier and activist talks mutual aid, empathy, and the art of hugging trees.

Vinny Eng
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Episode 94: Vinny Eng

The day after Vinny Eng was named as one of Food & Wine's 2019 Somms of the Year, he said his thank yous for the accolade, then promptly announced that he was stepping away from the industry for a while to work on a political campaign. For those who know Vinny, this wasn't a surprise, because the industry veteran has always made it his business to act with intention, infusing every act of hospitality with an eye toward making the world a more equitable place. He joined Communal Table to talk about the COVID relief efforts he's working on for SF New Deal, explain what community organizing and mutual aid actually are, how he sees restaurants' role in a more equitable future, and what's feeding his soul throughout.

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