Communal Table Podcast: Why We Must Take Care of Vulnerable Workers

Win Son's Trigg Brown listened closely for guidance from authorities, but it was slow in coming. He took action to protect his team.

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Episode 68: Trigg Brown Talks About Why We Must Take Care of Vulnerable Workers

When it became evident that the COVID-19 pandemic was going to hit New York, Trigg Brown had some tough decisions to make. As the chef-partner of Win Son and Win Son Bakery in Brooklyn, he was listening closely for guidance from authorities, but it was slow in coming and he did what he thought was best for his team—including setting up a fund to protect people who were ineligible for help from the government. Brown took time from his intense schedule of prepping for delivery service and being the parent of a newborn to talk with Food & Wine about valuing the people who do the toughest jobs in a restaurant, getting sick himself, and how he distributed the cash to people in an equitable way.

Note: Because the podcast had to be recorded in a less than ideal setup, the sound quality may not be as crisp as usual. We're all doing our best.

Links and Resources

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