Preeti Mistry Hangs Out with Puppets, Plans a More Joyful Future

The chef, cookbook author, speaker, and podcaster talks about teaching kids about flavor on Waffles + Mochi, building community, and who gets to be a chef.

Preeti Mistry
Photo: Alanna Hale

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Episode 99: Preeti Mistry

We're living in a golden age of Preeti Mistry and the world is so much more delicious for it. The Juhu Beach Club chef, cookbook author, speaker, and podcaster (among other things) can currently be seen teaching kids and puppets alike about the marvelous universe of herbs and spices on the Netflix show Waffles + Mochi; heard on their new podcast Loading Dock Talks in conversation with food and justice activists; read on their super feisty and smart social media feeds; and channeled via their vibrant and joyful recipes and spice blends. Mistry joined Communal Table from amid the California redwoods to talk about thoughtful representation, who gets to be called a chef, how to monetize talent, and why joy is so essential.

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