Communal Table Podcast: Pinky Cole

The Slutty Vegan founder and philanthropist talks about entrepreneurship, intentions, and setting people up for success.

Pinky Cole
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Episode 97: Pinky Cole

Pinky Cole has always known that she would lead an extraordinary life. As a girl growing up in East Baltimore, she wasn't sure what form that would take, but when her friends were outside playing, she was setting goals for herself, like "earn my first million by age 30." Which she did. Next goal—a billion by 40. She's got time. The restaurateur and philanthropist joined Communal Table from her secondary office in Atlanta—a.k.a. her car—to talk about the extraordinary growth of her Slutty Vegan empire, learning from mistakes, taking care of her "inside customers," and how she's empowering generations of color to build wealth and pursue their dreams.

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