Nigella Lawson Loathes Putting Away the Dishes, and Cherishes Solitude

The author and TV star talks quarantine, imperfect housekeeping, squishy white bread, and listening to your food.

Nigella Lawson
Photo: Matt Holyoak

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Episode 100: Nigella Lawson

Like many of us, Nigella Lawson has spent the last 13 months hunkered at home, in an endless cycle of cooking, eating, washing up (reluctantly), and doing it all again just hours later. Unlike the rest of us, she's adapted her practices into a glorious cookbook—called Cook, Eat, Repeat—that celebrates and elevates this cycle into something contemplative and pleasurable. The renowned author and TV star joined Communal Table for an intimate conversation about isolation, grief, keeping house, re-entering society, the nature of gathering, and the pleasures of a long and non-photogenic braise.

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