Communal Table Podcast: Kelly Fields

The Willa Jean chef and newly-minted author talks about writing a cookbook, weathering storms, and accepting help.

Communal Table with Kat Kinsman featuring Chef Kelly Fields
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Episode 79: Kelly Fields

For years, people had been poking at Kelly Fields to write a cookbook, but she resisted. She'd been perfecting her craft as a pastry chef in some of New Orleans' most lauded restaurants, and expanded her scope into the savory realm at the wildly successful Willa Jean, winning a James Beard Award in the process. But she still doubted herself, wondering what worth her voice and expertise had in the world—especially since so many restaurant kitchens notoriously devalue the work of women. It's taken a lot of unlearning, but Fields is now making her own wellbeing and confidence a priority, and that includes the difficult work of letting other people take care of her when she needs it. The newly-minted co-author (with F&W alum Kate Heddings) of The Good Book of Southern Baking joined Food & Wine for a very generous conversation about vulnerability, healing, and really good biscuits.

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