Katie Button talks about keeping employees for the long haul and making room for mistakes.

By Kat Kinsman
Updated January 23, 2020

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Episode 50: Katie Button

By the time you read this, Katie Button will be back at her restaurant and bagel shop in Asheville, NC, but she was away for a few weeks, in residence at Chefs Club in New York City. That's a terrifying thing to do when it's your own business, but Button trusts her staff at Cúrate Tapas Bar and Button & Co. Bagels, and they get to develop some new skills while she's away. It's important to her to invest in her team's development in all different ways—like paying a living wage, offering healthcare, creating incentives for employees who stick around for a certain amount of years—both because she cares, and because it makes her take a good, hard look at the kind of life she'd like for herself. During her tenure in NYC, Button opened up about the importance of therapy, the impact of a "vampire schedule" when you have a family, and the pressures of owning a business.

Learn more about Katie Button: katiebuttonrestaurants.com

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