Communal Table Podcast: Justin Burke

Baker Justin Burke talks about inclusive spaces, being a queer single dad, and baking as activism.

Communal Table with Kat Kinsman featuring Justin Burke
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This story is part of "Queer As Food," a series that explores the role of food in LGBTQ+ communities.

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Episode 74: Justin Burke Talks About Inclusive Spaces, Being a Queer Single Dad, and Baking As Activism

Justin Burke is renowned for his "modern gramma" style of baking but is perhaps just as appreciated for the inclusive spaces and community he creates wherever he goes. In the weeks before the pandemic shut down the world, Burke—who makes his home in North Carolina—sat down at Food & Wine HQ to talk about finding his home in restaurants, teaching his grandmother's recipes to his young son, and why it's so important to represent all kinds of families on the pages and covers of cookbooks.

Note: This was recorded several days before COVID and the murder of George Floyd which is why the conversation does not explicitly address them.

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