Communal Table Podcast: Jenny Dorsey

The chef and activist talks about vulnerability, tough conversations, and redefining restaurants.

Communal Table wit Kat Kinsman featuring Jenny Dorsey
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Episode 76: Jenny Dorsey Talks About Vulnerability, Tough Conversations, and Redefining Restaurants

When Jenny Dorsey was working in the fashion world at the start of her career she found herself looking at the people above her and realizing it wasn't the life she wanted for herself. Subsequent culinary and business school taught her a lot about what she really valued—and also where she felt welcome and included. Since then, she's used food as a means to explore vulnerability, identity, and connection, and also a way to have some necessary and often uncomfortable conversations. Dorsey joined Communal Table remotely from Los Angeles to discuss how she's using her platform to empower people to have practical and effective conversations about tokenization, appropriation, and identity, and envision a more equitable food world for everyone.

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