Communal Table Podcast: Jay Rayner

Jay Rayner talks about restaurant criticism, coronavirus, and confronting his own mortality.

Communal Table with Kat Kinsman featuring Jay Rayner
Photo: Courtesy of Jay Rayner

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Episode 55: Jay Rayner

In addition to writing books, playing gigs as a professional musician, hosting podcasts, performing one-man shows, and appearing on TV shows like MasterChef and Top Chef, Jay Rayner has served the last 20 years as restaurant critic for The Guardian. The question he has received with extreme regularity: "You're about to die. What would your final meal be?" Rayner made it his business to contemplate that question, and embarked on an intercontinental journey to explore the foods that brought him the most pleasure. Rayner was recently in New York City as the first cases of coronavirus were being reported in the United States, and he sat down for a conversation about his new book My Last Supper, the role of restaurant criticism, and supporting your local Chinatown.

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