The Beatrice Inn's Angie Mar talks about grief, getting creative, and pushing through in a time of universal uncertainty.

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Episode 61: Angie Mar Talks About Grief, Getting Creative, and Pushing Through

Angie Mar (BNC 2017) arrived back in New York City from a stint cooking in London, and found a restaurant landscape completely changed. After a painful period of self quarantine for the safety of the people around her, she put on her game face, went to her restaurant, and made some tough but necessary decisions to ensure a future for the business, and the financial stability of her team. The Beatrice Inn is known and lauded as a luxurious, over-the-top, and spendy place where the atmosphere is as much a draw as the food, but like any restaurant, it operates on razor-thin margins and faces an uncertain future. As the team prepped for service, Mar took a moment with Food & Wine senior editor Kat Kinsman to talk about adapting the restaurant's distinctive cuisine for delivery and take-out, the human cost of the pandemic on the hospitality workforce, and why it's important to acknowledge grief.

Note: Because the podcast had to be recorded in a less than ideal setup, the sound quality may not be as crisp as usual. We're all doing our best.

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