The F&W Pro Guide to Reopening Restaurants

The restaurant business has never been more challenging. We've been collecting wisdom and best practices from leaders in the hospitality industry to help you navigate this unprecedented time.

This Is a Server's Worst Nightmare

There's a party of 12 at Table 1432 that wants water and lemons NOW, and they all have coupons and you're the only one working the floor. Bwahahahahahaha!

Communal Table Podcast: Joe Yonan

The Cool Beans author and WaPo food editor talks about representation, minimizing meat, and the effect that writing a bean-based cookbook has on a marriage.

I’m a Bar Manager, and COVID-19 Has Permanently Altered My Sense of Taste

Seven months after testing positive, aged spirits still taste totally off to me—almost like pineapple made of cardboard.

Your Kitchen Doesn't Have to Be Hell

Conscious or not, being a toxic boss is a choice, and these chefs are doing their best to break the cycle.

Your Server Is Stressed About the Colder Weather

Maskless and demanding customers, 25% capacity, diminished tips, and precarious heater-and-tarp setups make this season extra scary for waitstaff already struggling to survive.

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New Detroit Restaurant Aims to Be Entirely Nonprofit

Bunny Bunny chefs Jennifer Jackson and Justin Tootla are also implementing shorter work weeks and equal pay among front- and back-of-house staffers.

Communal Table Podcast: Eric Rivera

The chef-owner of Addo talks about pivoting, selling plants, and planning ahead.