The Fine Art of Finding Delicious Wine Without Being Intimidated
Restaurants, bars, and wine stores may have changed the way they operate, but the expertise and passion of the wine pros behind them burns brighter than ever.
The Fine Art of Dining Alone When You're a Socially Anxious Man
Solo dining has shed its stigma, but that doesn't mean things can't get awkward. A retired chef shares the pros and cons of eating at the bar or a table, what the heck to do with your hands, and how to zone out politely.
The Fine Art of Asking for the Manager
Do you need to see the manager or do you want to see the manager? There's a big difference.
The Fine Art of Ordering Off-Menu
Your orders have consequences, even if you don't see them. Here's what happens behind the scenes when you make a special request.
The Fine Art of Writing a Yelp Review
Be fair, concise, and embrace the fact that that no one will truly care.
The Fine Art of Being a Good Hotel Guest
Tipping is only part of it and yes, you can take the little shampoo bottles home — within reason.

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