Dinner Hummus Is the Ultimate Weeknight Meal

Add some spiced chicken and cauliflower and you'll never go back.

In one of her recent F&W Cooks recipes, cookbook author Leah Koenig points out that Americans typically designate hummus as a snack food—something to eat between meals that will tide you over, but not fill you up. However, in the Middle East, hummus is eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and if you're in a pinch for a quick meal, it can really come through.

Dinner Hummus with Chicken and Cauliflower Recipe
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Enter "dinner hummus," which only takes three steps and an hour to make. Koenig starts by making her own hummus from scratch, using reserved chickpea liquid to make it extra creamy. Then, she cooks chicken and cauliflower in a skillet with a shawarma-inspired seasoning, infusing them with flavor. After that, all that's left to do is spread the hummus on a platter (or individual plates, according to your prefence), with the chicken mixture piled on top for a satisfying meal. With some homemade pita chips in the mix, you'll never think of hummus as just a snack again.

Find key tips for making your own dinner hummus below, complied from Koenig's recipe and our test kitchen.

Remember to add the chickpea liquid…

The liquid in chickpea cans is very starchy, so it will help loosen the hummus without watering it down.

…and do it when the food processor is running

This ensures that the liquid will be smoothly integrated into the hummus without causing the dip to separate. If you prefer a loose texture, feel free to add more than what's recommended.

Don’t worry about pre-soaking the currants

The currants may be dried, but since you're adding them to a skillet with water, they'll plump up and rehydrate. They add a lovely sweet-tart flavor to the dish.

You don’t have to stick to chicken

Although Koenig tops her hummus with sautéed chicken and cauliflower, feel free to substitute in any protein and/or vegetables you like. Sautéed mushrooms, eggplant, fava beans, and browned ground lamb and onions are common toppings—you could also try simply seared fish fillets or roasted broccoli.

Make your own pita chips

You don't need to serve this hummus with pita chips, but if you want to, it's super-easy to make your own. Cut fresh pitas into wedges and brush them with olive oil and salt (and za'atar, if you like) before baking them on a sheet pan at 350F until toasty. If a gluten-free friend is joining the party, Koenig suggests having a supply of sturdy gluten-free crackers, so they can dip as they please.

Serve it at your next dinner party

The dish comes together fairly quickly, so beyond quick weeknight dinners, it would be great for small dinner parties—the serving size is six, after all. Need more dinner hummus? That's never a bad thing. Just double the recipe!

Get the Recipe: Dinner Hummus with Spiced Chicken and Cauliflower

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