Cracking open a pomegranate can be intimidating, but removing the seeds is actually very easy. Food & Wine's guide shares simple deseeding methods from experts like Jacques Pepin, Jose Andres and Justin Chapple, plus delicious recipes and meal ideas. This tart superfruit goes well in everything from salads to sauces. And the whole vibrant, jewel-like seeds look great as a smoothie bowl topping, salad mix-in or cocktail garnish. Find out how you can work more of this anti-aging ingredient into your menu.

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Pomegranate Gelée (Jeleh-ye Anar)
Jeleh-ye anar is a simple and delicious dessert from Persian cook Mahin Gilanpour Motamed. It’s made with just two ingredients: pomegranate juice and gelatin. If you like it sweeter, add sugar to the saucepan at the beginning of Step 2. Slideshow: More Pomegranate Recipes 
11 Crazy-Beautiful Pomegranate Salads
Winter salads can be drab. That’s where jewel-like pomegranate seeds come in.
Pomegranate Juice and Rye Make an Amazing Holiday Cocktail
Cookbook author Maria Helm Sinskey’s favorite holiday cocktail is a mix of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, rye, burnt orange zest and a little simple syrup.
Our 23 Best Pomegranate Recipes
Pomegranates have a bright, sweet-tart flavor that can be incorporated into all kinds of meals. We love putting the seeds in a salad with persimmons, purslane, and pepitas; the juice also pairs well with cherries and chile for a spicy glaze, perfect on black forest mousse cake. Not to mention, pomegranate also makes for tasty cocktails, smoothies, seafood dishes, vegetables, and more, so you can pretty much enjoy it any time of day. Read on for some of our favorite ways to use it.
How to Deseed a Pomegranate Without Making Your Kitchen Look Like a Murder Scene
Just in time for the peak of fall produce, Gail Simmons gave us a genius tip for getting the most deliciousness (and the least mess) out of a pomegranate without turning the kitchen into a crime scene.