Cooking with pineapple is the perfect way to inject a meal with a balance of sweetness and acidity. Eat this showstopping fruit raw for a quick snack, add it chopped to a spicy salsa, use it to create a tropical dessert or stir-fry it with other vegetables for a tangy dinner. Chef April Bloomfield likes to grill pineapple rings and use them as unconventional burger toppings. She pairs them with earthy pickled beets and a fried egg to complete the meal. Whether you want a burger or dessert, Food & Wine explores all the delicious possibilities.

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Hawaiian Pizza with Pineapple and Salami
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Pork and pineapple are a dream combination in this homemade salty-sweet pizza. Miriam Weiskind's twist on pineapple-topped pie uses Genoa salami in place of ham, and paired with creamy mozzarella and an oregano-scented uncooked tomato sauce, it is sure to convert any pineapple pizza skeptics.
Grilled Pineapples with Barbecue-Spiced Breadcrumbs and Country Ham
Slow-grilling whole unpeeled pineapples concentrates their flavor and tenderizes the fruit, which pairs wonderfully with salty country ham and crispy panko seasoned with barbecue spices. Peel the fruit with a large serrated knife, and serve it hot, thinly sliced like ham.
Rotisserie Pineapple with Spicy Banana Caramel Sauce
Chef Ludo Lefebvre grills whole, peeled pineapple on a spit, like rotisserie chicken.  Here the smoky, sweet flesh is spooned over ice cream and drizzled with spicy caramel, but it also makes a fabulous topper for pound cake and shortcakes. Slideshow: More Pineapple Recipes 
Perfect Presents for Pineapple Lovers
Spring is here and it has us craving all things warm weather: sweet cocktails garnished with umbrellas, days at the beach and bowls of tropical fruit, especially pineapple. To celebrate the universal adoration of the prickly fruit we have rounded up our favorite gifts to give that pineapple lover in your life.
Smoky Pineapple
Chef Rocky Barnette slow-grills whole pineapples to concentrate the sugar and give them a really intense flavor. Slideshow: More Pineapple Recipes 
Fresh Pineapple Salsa
This refreshing Jamaican salsa gets a lovely flavor from garlic that’s marinated in lemon juice and a good kick of heat from a Scotch bonnet chile. Slideshow:  More Salsa Recipes 

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Pineapple and Lime Tart
When baked, pineapple loses its aggressive acidity, becoming sweet and caramelized. Fresh lime emphasizes pineapple’s tropical flavor and contrasts nicely with the mild and flaky crust in this gluten-free and vegan tart. Slideshow: More Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes 
Fresh Pineapple Sauce
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This pineapple ice cream topping has just one smart tweak: Campari, which adds a pleasant hint of bitterness. Slideshow: Fruit Dessert Recipes