Passion Fruit

Pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac of Buttercream Bakeshop calls passion fruit "the pork fat of pastry." "When a chef doesn't think a dish is good, he'll put a little pork fat on it. When I don't think a dessert is good, I'll add some passion fruit somewhere in the background," she says. Passion fruit adds a lot of fruity tartness whenever a dish needs it. Use it in desserts, condiments, cocktails, salad dressings and more. Food & Wine's guide to this exotic fruit includes tons of recipes for any occasion.

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Passion Fruit Recipes
Sweet passion fruit works well in fruity desserts, drinks and even some savory dishes. Here, our best passion fruit recipes from pavlovas with passion fruit curd to sautéed jumbo shrimp with passion fruit dressing.
The Blue Steel
In this festive tropical cocktail, rum is mixed with lime and passion fruit juices, then topped with vivid-blue curaçao. Slideshow: Tasty Tropical Island Drinks 
Passion Fruit Ice Cream Pie with a Ginger Crust
Rating: Unrated 1053
This isn't the kind of ice cream pie you'd make for a kiddie birthday party. Instead of a plain cookie crust, Grace Parisi creates a crispy, chewy one with crumbled gingersnaps, dried pineapple and candied ginger. And instead of the usual caramel or chocolate sauce on top, she prepares a delectable mix of dulce de leche and passion fruit nectar from the supermarket. More Beautiful Desserts
Passion Fruit and Coconut Cream Parfaits
Rating: Unrated 285
Pastry chef Koa Duncan of Los Angeles's Water Grill is incredibly creative. She's also remarkably persistent: Working as a pastry chef in a town that loves to diet is an uphill battle. Her fantastic passion fruit and creamy coconut parfait, layered with crunchy bits of cashew praline, is good enough for Angelenos to forgive themselves the indulgence. More Parfaits