Sweet and juicy mangoes are great in everything from sangria to barbecue sauce. They're native to South Asia, where people love them so much, they became the national fruit of India, Pakistan and the Phillipines. "In India, we usually eat fruit with spices on it, and one of the most popular combinations is mangos with paprika on top," says Xocolatti founder Shaineal Shah. And if sweet-meets-heat is for you, use this guide to find recipes for spicy salsa, wings and lettuce wraps, plus tamer traditional ideas for smoothies, desserts and salads.

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Mango Fluff
"My favorite sweets are the ones that embody tropical fruit and summer flavors," says chef Sam Fore, the owner of Tuk Tuk Sri Lankan Bites in Lexington, Kentucky. "Mango Fluff is an old standby—one I would consume by the bowlful when I was younger and one that's always a fixture at Sri Lankan parties. Its fluffy texture makes it a dessert that is light and refreshing, yet still rich with the sweetness of Kesar mangoes. The secret to my recipe is the sweetened canned Kesar mango pulp, which makes the resulting fluff just sweet enough. Airy whipped cream gives each bite a light and decadent mouthfeel." This fruity and delicate chilled mousse, with its silky, cloudlike texture and bold sweetness, is sure to become a regular at your summer table. Gelatin thickens the fluff into a spoonable consistency and gives it a melt-in-your-mouth quality for a dessert that is equally refreshing and rich. Garnish it with slippery fresh mango and spicy candied ginger.
Mangoes Fosters
It only takes 10 minutes to transform this legendary New Orleans dessert with mangoes. Slideshow: More Mango Recipes 
Our Best Mango Recipes
These refreshing recipes feature a mango-glazed turkey breast and a vibrant carrot-mango lassi.