Forty years ago, a kiwi was considered an exotic ingredient. In fact, most Americans probably couldn't tell you what a kiwi was back then. Now, these rough-skinned, sweet fruits are very likely to be in the produce aisle of most grocery stores across the country. Food & Wines’ guide will help you to use kiwis to the max, in fantastic drinks, crowd-pleasing desserts, healthy salads and more. You’’ll even learn a handy trick for perfectly peeling a kiwi using a spoon.

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7 Ways to Drink a Kiwi

This week in F&W’s Mad Genius Tips video series, F&W Test Kitchen genius Justin Chapple revealed how to peel a kiwi using a spoon. Master the technique by practicing on a few kiwis, then reward with one of these 7 kiwi drinks.

Kiwi Cobbler

Radius • Boston At Radius, this colorful cocktail is made with house-infused Tahitian-vanilla bean sugar. Plus: Ultimate Cocktail Guide

Kiwi Crush

The small black seeds of the kiwi add a peppery kick. To avoid them, halve two kiwis and scoop out the center cores.    More Brunch Ideas