Tropical Fruit

Dishes and drinks with tropical fruit make you feel like you're soaking up the sun on a warm beach somewhere, even if you're just sitting in your house in the dead of winter. These fun fruits can be used to balance out fiery recipes or add beautiful color and tangy flavor to desserts. If you're not sure how to peel, chop and cook the wide range of choices at your grocery store, turn to Food & Wine's guide to master those skills.

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Grilled Pineapples with Barbecue-Spiced Breadcrumbs and Country Ham

Slow-grilling whole unpeeled pineapples concentrates their flavor and tenderizes the fruit, which pairs wonderfully with salty country ham and crispy panko seasoned with barbecue spices. Peel the fruit with a large serrated knife, and serve it hot, thinly sliced like ham.

Mango Puff

I relish a heavy dessert as much as the next gal, but sometimes you want light and bright. I have loved the combination of mangoes and coconut ever since I went to Thailand for the first time. This dish will definitely make you feel like you’re lying on a tropical beach somewhere. The bonus is that it’s easy to make and even easier to serve, all while looking much fancier than it actually is. Reprinted with permission from BRING IT! © 2018 by Ali Rosen, Running Press Slideshow: More Mango Recipes 

Pickled Mango Salad with Thai Bird Chile

Instead of the long-preserved mango pickle (a popular Indian condiment), Fresh India author Meera Sodha created this fresh, crisp, lightly pickled mango salad. She marinates ribbons of semi-ripe mango with lime juice and thinly sliced Thai bird chile. Slideshow: More Mango Recipes

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Crispy Fried Sweet Plantains

Cuban maduros, or fried sweet plantains, are an essential side at photographer Romulo Yanes’ table. The best are made with very ripe plantains, which have peels that are mostly black. Slideshow: More Plantain Recipes 

Rotisserie Pineapple with Spicy Banana Caramel Sauce

Chef Ludo Lefebvre grills whole, peeled pineapple on a spit, like rotisserie chicken.  Here the smoky, sweet flesh is spooned over ice cream and drizzled with spicy caramel, but it also makes a fabulous topper for pound cake and shortcakes. Slideshow: More Pineapple Recipes 

Pomegranate Gelée (Jeleh-ye Anar)

Jeleh-ye anar is a simple and delicious dessert from Persian cook Mahin Gilanpour Motamed. It’s made with just two ingredients: pomegranate juice and gelatin. If you like it sweeter, add sugar to the saucepan at the beginning of Step 2. Slideshow: More Pomegranate Recipes