Credit: Maz McWilliams

New Yorker Maz McWilliams started a hashtag sensation on Instagram by posing with melons. The goal: raise awareness for traumatic brain injury (TBI). The result: #amelonaday has inspired beautiful images from around the world.


Maz lost his brother to TBI in 2005 and came up with the idea for #amelonaday after spotting a picture of a watermelon that had been split and duct taped back together. "It’s an invisible injury so it has been a very hard issue to make cohesive and understandable,” he explains. But melons have provided a perfect metaphor for the cause.


The attention has been helped by a fortuitous partnership. Within 30 minutes of buying his first melon, Maz met Adam Pearce, who co-produced an award-winning snowboarding documentary called The Crash Reel and founded Love Your Brain—all in honor of his brother Kevin, who stars in the film and suffers from TBI.

The plan was to spotlight #amelonaday for 100 days, but the overwhelming support has inspired Maz to continue the movement and he even has a gallery show in the works. Visit for updates.