Orange juice is a staple in many U.S. households, and the majority of orange crops are grown to make the juice we drink every morning. But oranges are great for so much more than just drinking—we like to use oranges to make fruity pancakes, decadent pound cake and flavorful, colorful salads. Even though oranges are supersweet, this juicy fruit pairs wonderfully with savory foods like red onion, fennel, and salmon. Whether you're looking for a refreshing cocktail, a light and easy dinner or a citrusy dessert, F&W's guide to oranges has all of the recipes you need. 

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How to Store Oranges to Keep Them Fresh For Longer
Learn how to store oranges properly with step-by-step instructions. 
Mandarin Orange Jell-O Salad
More dessert than salad, this fruity homemade jelly uses both the fruit and the juice of canned mandarin oranges. Mango nectar amplifies the pretty orange color and gentle sweetness. The finished dessert is spoonable straight out of the refrigerator, but it softens as it stands at room temperature. While the recipe is great by itself, a dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream is a luscious addition. Slideshow: More Orange Recipes 
Blood Oranges
Blood oranges are often just as sweet as regular oranges, but their striking color makes them a striking addition to everything from cocktails to savory sauces. We like to serve whole blood orange segments with tender scallops and tossed in green salads, and use the juice for creamy sherbet and Italian-inspired aperetifs. Whether you want to get creative with your citrus or are a longtime blood orange lover, these recipes are the perfect way to showcase this stunning fruit.
Orange Recipes
These vibrant recipes include ricotta pancakes with orange syrup, a gingered orange gratin, and citrus-granita and orange-mousse parfaits.
Eat by Color: Orange Foods
From a rich root vegetable gratin to a wintery citrus parfait, this collection of recipes celebrates the color orange.

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Oranges are a traditional holiday food gift, and they're certainly a wonderful bit of sunshine for anyone heading into the coldest part of the year. Here, eight ways to cook with them.