Fruit salad isn't the only way to enjoy sweet melons, such as honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon. Turn these refreshingly juicy fruits into drinks, snacks, desserts and more. Melons appear to be mostly water, but they actually have significant amounts of fiber, vitamins A and C and folic acid. Food & Wine's guide to nutrient-rich melons offers plenty of unexpected ways to use up these irresistible gems throughout the year, especially at their peak from late summer to early fall.

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How to Pick a Perfect Watermelon

Never take a gamble on lugging home the wrong watermelon again.
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Watermelon Steaks with Warm Pickled Shrimp

Grilling watermelon gives it a pleasantly smoky flavor and a glistening surface that’s reminiscent of tuna steaks. Here, F&W’s Justin Chapple tops slabs of the sweet-smoky fruit with warm pickled shrimp, onion, and jalapeño. Fresh parsley finishes off this summery main dish.
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Golden Melon Salad with Lemony Yogurt and Chiles

Creamy, rich whole milk yogurt carries the sweetness of juicy watermelon and cantaloupe in this refreshing summer salad. Perfect for brunch or dinner, the dressing adds just enough spice and acidity. For the sweetest melons, look for watermelons that sound hollow when you knock on them and have a pale yellow patch from where they sat in the field.
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9 Ways to Use Melon

Full of water, melons are super refreshing and hydrating—the perfect summer ingredient. Here are nine ways to use them in both sweet and savory dishes.
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