Hint: they're really, really crazy.

Tis the season for pumpkin everything. (And let's not forget about pumpkin spice, of course.) And this year, more people than ever are craving pumpkin, new data shows.

Upserve, a restaurant management platform, took a look at data collected from bars and restaurants across the U.S. to see what pumpkin-flavored treats are available, and—perhaps more telling—how consumers are responding to those menu items.

According to the data, so far this fall, we're not spending more on pumpkin-flavored items, but our demand for pumpkin-flavored food and drinks is increasing: the pumpkin-flavored offerings higher than before. And bonus! They're cheaper than last year too.

Compared to this week last year, sales of pumpkin flavored items increased by more than 15 percent, the data shows; but over the same seven-week period in 2016 and 2017, the average price of a pumpkin-flavored product dropped by 15 percent too.

About 60 percent more pumpkin-flavored items have been added to menus across the country this year over last, the data shows. In 2015, the number of pumpkin items added to menus increased by 84 percent, and sales grew by 116 percent.

Interestingly, we're making these additional purchases most often on Saturdays, Upserve says, followed closely by Sundays and then Fridays. (So apparently, our weekends are all about the pumpkin stuff.) In fact, the data shows that 40 percent more pumpkin-flavored products sold on Saturday than on the best-selling food day of the week for all other food categories, Friday. This year, 50 percent more pumpkin-flavored items are selling on Saturday than any other week day, it shows.

And our pumpkin-loving mania is only going to get worse, the data shows: In 2015 and 2016, our pumpkin-flavored food and drinks demand peaked in the last weeks of October, a trend we're likely to see again this year, Upserve reports.