Though raspberries are available all year, they're at their best in the summer months. Perfectly sweet and sour, these berries are great on their own, but we love to put them in cocktails, tarts and pancakes. If raspberries aren't in season, these cinnamon-bun-inspired sweet rolls work just as well with frozen fruit. These fruity pastries make a sweet brunch dish, or a summery dessert treat. Raspberry preserves can also be transformed into a sweet and tangy vinaigrette—we love to toss it with a spicy arugula, roasted lamb and crumbled goat cheese for an easy salad. Whether you're craving something sweet or savory, F&W's guide to raspberries has every recipe you need.

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Fresh Raspberry Preserves
Chef Iliana Regan of Chicago's Elizabeth restaurant uses a variety of berries to make her preserves, usually depending on what's in season that she has picked fresh for herself. Here she uses juicy raspberries, which she balances with a bit of acidic red wine vinegar to temper the sweetness. Slideshow:  More Raspberry Recipes