Cranberries are for more than the Thanksgiving side dish that nobody really likes—make these sour berries an exciting ingredient by adding them to seasonal sangria, fruity vinaigrette and homemade biscotti. Because they're so bitter, the majority of cranberries grown are processed to make juice and sauce. Step away from the canned food aisle at the grocery store and tackle a recipe with fresh cranberries, like this tangy take on French toast or this sweet and spicy pork chop dinner. Dried cranberries are also a great way to add color and sweetness to salads, cookies and veggie side dishes like sautéed spinach and Brussels sprouts. F&W's guide to cranberries has dozens of recipes for every meal.

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Roasted Cranberry-Grape Sauce

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In this clever and tasty riff on traditional cranberry sauce, Food & Wine’s Laura Rege tosses cranberries with juicy red grapes before roasting in the oven. Slideshow: More Cranberry Recipes 

Cranberry Relish

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This super-simple, uncooked cranberry-orange relish is a perfect for making ahead. Serve it alongside your favorite Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing for a classic Thanksgiving spread.Related: Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide

Molded Cranberry Sauce

Star chef Tyler Florence makes his not-too-sweet molded cranberry sauce with chunks of pineapple. Slideshow: Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes 

Sweet and Savory Cranberry Conserva

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This simple cranberry sauce is sweet-tart and completely addictive, thanks to the tangy rice vinegar and brown sugar. Slideshow:  More Cranberry Recipes 

28 Sweet-Tart Cranberry Recipes

From roasted cranberry-grape sauce to biscotti to scones, a collection of cranberry recipes that are perfect for the holidays.

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