You know summer has officially begun when berries are in high supply at the local farmers’ market. But don’t limit your haul of juicy summer strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries to just desserts or as toppings for your next bowl of oatmeal. You can incorporate these bright, refreshing berries into any meal of the day. Make a jam to liven up a grilled cheese sandwich or meld sweet berries into a smoky barbecue sauce. F&W’s guide gives you dozens of great recipe ideas for any occasion.

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Mixed Berry Crisp with Matzoh Streusel

Sweet-tart berries, tossed with just enough sugar and lemon juice, get topped with salty-sweet crumbled matzos for the perfect springtime dessert. Serve with your favorite vanilla ice cream or dollops of barely sweetened whipped cream.   Slideshow: More Berry Dessert Recipes

30 Days of Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry season is upon us. It is the wonderful time of year when the Earth produces the absolute best of this sweet, red, juicy fruit that bears its seeds on the outside. For that reason, by the way, the strawberry is not technically, botanically a berry, but that doesn't really matter. It is still extremely delicious in both sweet and savory dishes. From breakfasts like strawberry crème fraîche biscuits to lunches like grilled strawberry-avocado toasts with burrata to dinners like milk-braised pork tenderloin with spinach and strawberry salad, you can incorporate this luscious fruit into every meal of the day. And, of course, strawberries are brilliantly employed in desserts like strawberry-honey cake with sour whipped cream and salt-and-pepper sandwich cookies with strawberry-lemonade jam. In order to make the most of strawberry season, we challenge you to cook or bake with fresh, summer strawberries every day for 30 days. Ready, set, go! — Morgan Goldberg

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Currant Recipes

Dried currants are similar to raisins, most commonly used in baked goods. We also like to add currants to sautéed kale, grilled peppers and simmered carrots for an element of rich sweetness. Whether you’re looking for a new take on spaghetti or need a recipe for flaky scones, currants bring unique sweetness to some of our favorite dishes.

9 Refreshing Drinks for People Who Love Raspberries

From deliciously tart daiquiris to sorbet-like mocktails, here are are nine fantastic drinks to make with summer raspberries.