Not banana-flavored milk, bananamilk.

Credit: Bobby Jon Calderon / EyeEm/Getty Images

Could bananas be the next big alternative to cows? Texas based dairy-free beverage company Mooala thinks so, with what it calls is the industry’s first organic, nut- and dairy-free Bananamilk.

While previous banana milks have mixed bananas with other forms of milk, Mooala’s Bananamilk mixes pureed bananas and roasted sunflower seeds with cinnamon and salt, for a purer Bananamilk experience it says has seen increasing use in smoothies, cereal, baked goods, and even coffee. Launched in 2012 by lactose-intolerant founder and CEO Jeff Richards, Mooala offers Bananamilk in both original and chocolate varieties, along with its two more traditional Almond offerings.

Currently, Mooala is mainly available in the Southwest U.S. at stores including Whole Foods, Costco, and H-E-B, but its also expanding towards the coasts. It’s too early to say whether Banana milk will start showing up at coffee shops alongside soy, almond, rice, coconut, oat, and cashew, or remain a more unusual alternative, like hemp milk, but it could be worth a try.

That is, if you haven’t been making your own. According to Ecowatch, making your own Banana milk is easy and cheap solution for DIY non-dairy drinks. Unlike nut milks, which have to be soaked overnight, banana milk can be made in minutes by blending a few frozen bananas with a bit of cinnamon, sea salt, and water. Plus, for those who can’t have nut- or grain-based milks, it’s the only option out there, and offers potassium, vitamin B6, pectin, and more fiber than regular milk.

Outside a few in-the-know kitchens and Mooala-carrying stores however, the world of Bananamilk has barely been born. With coffee in particular ripe for banana-inflected innovation, the fruit-based milk could be the easiest way yet to add fruit to your breakfast.