Since bananas as we know them today could disappear forever, you should try to enjoy them while they're still around. These oddly shaped fruits are responsible for some of our favorites treats, such as banana bread, banana splits, bananas foster and banana cream pie. And bananas don't limit themselves to just sweet recipes. We've seen them included in Caribbean curries and fried into fritters. Whether you want to find a quick idea for breakfast or add some banana slices to dinner, Food & Wine's guide has recipe ideas that will liven up your meals.

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How to Ripen Bananas in the Oven

Craving banana bread right now? If your bananas aren't quite ripe enough, your oven can finish the job.

Banana Pudding Recipes

From a roasted banana-and-macadamia pudding cake to a creamy banana brioche bread pudding—trust us when we say that you've never tasted banana pudding quite like these ones.

Bananas in Coffee Bean Syrup

Every morning in Nha Trang, Marcia Kiesel topped yogurt with these bananas steeped in warm, bittersweet coffee syrup; they're also delicious over vanilla ice cream for dessert. Make sure the bananas you choose for this recipe are ripe but still firm, so they don't get mushy. More Fruit Desserts

Banana Recipes

From the best-ever banana splits to an easy banana ice cream, here are incredible banana recipes for every occasion.

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