If you think bobbing for apples is tough, this compilation video will blow your mind.
red apples full frame
Credit: Calin Niculescu / EyeEm / Getty Images

When you're a kid (and frankly, through parts of adulthood as well), there's no cooler way to eat than tossing food in the air and catching it in your mouth. This sort of consumption requires not only the physical skill of hand-eye (and mouth) coordination but also adds a touch of hip irreverence—a sense of "I'm so awesome, I don't care if my food bounces off my face and falls onto the floor. Let the ants have it!" Typically, your travails begin in childhood working with a safe, air resistance-assisted food like popcorn before upgrading to more treacherous items like raisin or even grapes! But only those gifted eaters who are dedicated to the activity of catching food in their mouth will ever reach the challenging level of apples.

This being the case, Twitter user Daniel Hartman is one of the all-time greats. Over the weekend, he posted a compilation video of himself catching full apples in his mouth from alarming distances and heights—alarming in that you have to wonder how his teeth can withstand such repeated punishment. And that's not to mention that if he misjudged things and took an apple in the eye, it would probably result in a hell of a shiner. The potential risk involved puts other trick shot videos to shame. And Twitter was stunned to the tune of over 53,000 retweets and 140,000 likes as of writing.

According to CBS Detroit, Hartman is from Dansville, Michigan—which could certainly be considered apple country—and is currently attending Jackson College which is where the video was shot. As for the answer to our two biggest questions—1) does it hurt? And 2) does it mess up his teeth?—Hartman addressed these in two additional tweets. First, he insists that it "Only hurts if you miss." Second, he also retweeted a short video proving that, indeed, his smile looks perfectly fine.

So for now, given the size and weight of apples, Daniel Hartman may just be the king of catching food in his mouth. However, if someone wants to tweet a video of them catching cantaloupes, watermelons or pumpkins in their mouth, we'd certainly reconsider—though we also wouldn't recommend trying.