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40 Sweet and Savory Apple Recipes for Fall

Fall is peak apple season, and if you find yourself with a large quantity, we have plenty of ways you can use them. Try Granny Smith apples in a skillet apple-ginger crisp for dessert, whip up a baked bourbon-apple butter (using Braeburn or Fuji) to spread on biscuits or toast, and use Honeycrisp or Pink Lady apples in a simple roasted merguez sausage sheet pan dinner. Whether you’re looking for something on the sweet or savory side, there’s an apple recipe for you.

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Frozen Honeydew-Basil Margaritas

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Food & Wine's Kay Chun riffs on a classic margarita here, combining white tequila and fresh lime juice with chunks of frozen honeydew melon and a quick, brightly flavored sweet basil puree. While you can make the sweet basil puree ahead of time, it's always best to squeeze the lime juice right before blending the drink, so it retains its fresh flavor. Slideshow:  More Margarita Recipes