Forget Frozen French Fries — This Gadget Cuts Down on the Time and Work of Slicing Potatoes

And it’s 40% off right now.

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Stainless Steel French Fry Cutter


There are a few kitchen prep tasks that are so tedious, they turn me off from wanting to make the dish altogether. For example, shrimp scampi sounds excellent, but deveining over 20 shrimp makes it not worthwhile, in my opinion. 

Perhaps the biggest culprit of this flaw is french fries. Not only do you have to cut potatoes evenly, you have to cut a lot of them. It makes frozen fries sound way more appealing than they actually taste. If you’re trying to avoid frozen fries (and you should), try scooping up this nifty gadget to make dozens, if not hundreds, of perfectly crisp potato-y morsels with just a few firm presses.

The Pop AirFry Mate Stainless Steel French Fry Cutter already has over 2,500 perfect ratings, with shoppers praising its sturdy and easy-to-use design. In fact, one writes that even though their mother-in-law has very bad arthritis, she “had no trouble using it.” In fact, she loved it so much that they bought one just for her.

And the best news is that right now, you can score this fry cutter for 40% off, leaving extra money in your wallet to stock up on potatoes or fresh herbs for an aioli to go along with it. 

Stainless Steel French Fry Cutter


To buy: Pop AirFry Mate Stainless Steel Fry Cutter, $24 (originally $40) at

The fry cutter comes with two interchangeable blades that cut matchsticks that are either ½-inch thick or ⅜-inch thin. Each fry comes out about 3 inches long, which is important for achieving that perfectly crusty, crispy bite. And the brand says that out of one average size potato, it creates 48 fries with very little, if any, food waste.

To use it, all you have to do is cut a potato in half and slide it into the plate, then firmly press the handle down, and voila: a batch of fries ready to be air fried, baked, or just tossed into a Dutch oven filled with oil. And that’s the thing: while the brand advertises the cutter as perfect for your air fryer (and surely, it is), you can cook the fries any way you’d like. 

Speaking of versatility, the brand also mentions that the cutter is great for creating carrot and pepper matchsticks as well. One shopper writes that “it works great with other veggies too, in case you’re thinking about thinking outside the box.” While the gadget’s instructions advise against using it to slice sweet potatoes, shoppers note that if you microwave them beforehand, they become soft enough to slice. 

But perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that it’s easy to clean. You might think that french fries would get stuck in the slicers, but even if they do, the blade is dishwasher-safe. One shopper writes that “it’s easy to use and clean, and we’ve used it several times with zero issues.”

In short, making fries at home has never been easier, and with a deal like this, french fries have never sounded so good. Get your potato slicer for just $24 at Amazon.

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