Delight Your Neighbors This Holiday Season With Franzia's 5-foot-tall Inflatable Lawn Ornament

Finally, you can show your love for boxed wine in the most festive way possible.

Franzia wine box lawn inflatable

Getty Images; Courtesy of Franzia

Franzia is once again embracing its sillier side. Not only did the California-based winemaker recently release Franzia box-shaped dog toys, but it also unveiled a pet costume that makes your four-legged loved one look like a miniature box of wine for Halloween. And now, the brand appears to be upping the ante for Christmas. 

In late November, Franzia dropped its holiday merchandise, and the biggest and boldest of its items are, hands down, the two inflatable lawn decorations shaped like oversized boxes of Franzia. Each $50 inflatable stands approximately five feet tall and is illuminated from the inside so your entire neighborhood can know that you're serious about either Franzia's Cabernet Sauvignon, Sunset Blush, or both. 

But that's not all. The brand also unveiled a truly beautiful "ugly" holiday sweater with a built-in set of blinking lights. Fans can even purchase the matching limited-edition holiday sweater Franzia Chardonnay so they can show up to any party in style and with plenty of wine. 

"You and your box of Franzia [can] become the star of any holiday party," Katie Hoefs, Franzia's marketing manager, shared in a statement. "Additionally, your neighbors will be jealous of your outdoor holiday decorations with our oversized Franzia lawn inflatable, which shows off holiday spirit in a BIG way!"

Franzia Ugly Holiday Sweater

Courtesy of Franzia

The yellow sweater, which retails for $45, isn't the only holiday merch Franzia has added to its website. It's also offering two other holiday sweaters: one that boldly proclaims "I Heart Box Wine" ($45) and another more understated white-and-merlot knit embroidered with the motto "Franz for Life" ($45). It's also selling holiday-patterned joggers ($35), onesies ($50), and robes ($35), in case you need to pick something up for your brother-in-law, your office Secret Santa or, I dunno, your mail carrier. (Really, who wouldn't want this stuff?) 

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