This $15 Organizer Is the Secret to Always Finding the Right Storage Container Lid

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YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer Tout

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There is a cabinet above my stove where we keep all our food storage containers.  As soon as I open the cabinet door, I hear the cringe-inducing clatter of plastic lids tumbling against each other. I never seem to be able to find the right size lid for the corresponding container when I need it — or I grab the right size but the lid and container aren’t matching brands. Sometimes I even catch an errant lid in the forehead as it comes falling out of the cabinet. 

I dread opening the cabinet, but I might have finally found a product that is, at the very least, forcing me to consider confronting the mess: It’s this lid organizer — and it’s only $15 on Amazon right now. With a little help from this simple tool, you can achieve the neat cabinets of your dreams. 

YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer


To buy: YouCopia Food Container Lid Organizer, $15 (originally $20) at 

This customizable tray comes with five dividers which you can place wherever you want, depending on the size and number of lids you own. By adjusting the width between dividers, the tray can accommodate both thick and thin lids, up to 22.9 centimeters wide. 

It fits all different brands of lids and allows you to group the same ones together. The tray measures 26.4- by 33.5- by 8.4-centimeters, so it should fit on most standard pantry shelves and in cabinets. Setting it up is fast and easy. Just remove the tray from the box, and insert the dividers where you need them. No tools are needed to assemble, which means you can start organizing your lids almost immediately. 

The lid organizer has earned more than 18,000 perfect ratings thanks to the fact that it solves an annoying problem that so many people face at home, without much effort. One reviewer found that the organizer holds all 36 of their lids of varying sizes, writing that it's a “simple solution to the frustration of searching for the proper lid in an uncontained, scrambled stack of all sizes.” 

Another shopper who thought it was easy to assemble wrote, “I wish I would have ordered this sooner! My lid drawer was a hot mess and this was the solution.”

If you’ve been avoiding organizing that one cabinet in your kitchen that is overflowing with mismatched food storage containers and their lids, this lid organizer is the solution you’ve been searching for. And for just $15, you’ll wish you had bought it sooner. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $15.

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