This Editor-Approved Kitchen Mat Uses Gel and Memory Foam for Extra Support, and It’s Just $25

It feels so much more expensive than it is.

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FEATOL Anti Fatigue Mat Floor Mat Tout

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Standing at the sink washing a pile of dishes or chopping a bowl of vegetables gets tiresome quickly. Your hips and back get stiff, the soles of your feet start to ache. Of course, these sorts of kitchen tasks are necessary and oftentimes unavoidable. But they don’t have to cause you pain while you’re getting them done. 

The solution everyone needs is an anti-fatigue kitchen mat. Whether you’re laminating pastry dough or cooking dinner for yourself every night, one of these mats makes standing for long periods much more comfortable. And right now, this editor-approved Featol mat is only $25 at Amazon — more than 50% off its original price. 

FEATOL Anti Fatigue Mat Floor Mat


To buy: Featol Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat, $25 (originally $60) at 

The Featol kitchen mat is designed to relieve pressure on your feet, knees, and lower back and to provide more support than a tile or hardwood floor alone ever could. Measuring 32- by 20- by 9-inches, it covers a large enough floor space that you won’t feel cramped as you’re moving back and forth between tasks. 

We named it our favorite hybrid kitchen mat because it's made with two kinds of cushioning materials: gel and memory foam. Measuring 0.9-inch thick, of all the kitchen mats we tested, this one was the thickest. According to our tester, the combination of these materials results in the “most comfortable underfoot experience.” 

While the surface of the mat feels like leather, it’s actually made from much more durable polyurethane. This material is wear-resistant, so even if you use the mat every day while cooking or cleaning, it won’t tear or crack. And beveled edges not only prevent the mat from slipping and sliding out from under you as you’re using it, but also reduce the chance that you’ll trip over it. 

While we found that  it takes a little more elbow grease to remove stains like pasta sauce and oil drips from the mat’s textured top, that shouldn’t be discouraging. In fact, it actually still received high marks when it came to easy clean up.

If the thought of doing any kitchen task seems exhausting before you’ve even started, do yourself a favor and pick up this Featol anti-fatigue kitchen mat. At just $25, this is a can’t-miss deal. 

At the time of publishing the price was $25. 

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