This Kitchen Scale With Over 100,000 Perfect Ratings on Amazon Will Prevent Any Baking Disasters

Less than $15 for a lifetime of consistency.

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We’ve all had those days. Your cake baked up flat, maybe the bread you made was off, or your cookies didn’t quite perk up the way you’d wanted to. And while there are a few reasons that could explain away those moments, one major way to prevent future ones from happening is to use a kitchen scale. 

Designed to make baking and cooking a more exact, seamless experience, this Etekcity digital scale has raked up quite the positive relationship with shoppers. And right now it’s a steal: You can grab one for less than $20 at Amazon. 

Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale


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When it comes to baking, measuring accurately is the first key to success. When items are thrown off even by the smallest amount, it can change the way the end product looks and tastes. That’s why tons of folks who bake often prefer the precision of weighted measurements. 

Not only will it help you produce the same results every single time, but you’ll also avoid the mess of measuring ingredients in cups and tablespoons. The Etekcity scale has all the bells and whistles you need too, with its sleek digital display and design. It has a tare button on the left to remove the weight of the bowl before you place ingredients in, plus another button on the right to control the units. And you can measure any ingredient in grams, ounces, pounds, fluid ounces, and milliliters, depending on the recipe you’re following.  

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The digital display is also bright and easy to read, so you don’t need to guess whether or not you’ve got the right number. And, when you're all done, the automatic shut off will prevent you from wasting battery. Plus, when it comes to stowing it away, its slim half-inch-thick shape will fit into just about any space with ease. 

With over 100,000 perfect ratings, shoppers say it’s definitely worth grabbing. One person said it “makes baking so much easier,” adding, “I don't know how I managed without a food scale before. Even though it is tiny, it's still large enough to accommodate the base of the bowls for any of the home baking we do. It's easy to wipe off any mess that inevitably falls on it.” 

“Any great baker will tell you the key to successful baking is weighing the ingredients. After many years of measuring ingredients, I finally decided to purchase a scale. Now I wish I had purchased one [years] ago,” another reviewer wrote. “I purchased [this scale] for bread making, but it took my baking to a whole new level. A must have if you want consistent results,” a third wrote

If you’re struggling with certain baking projects and want to achieve more consistent results, start with this shopper-loved Etekcity digital scale. With a low price tag and a ton of perfect ratings, it’s hard to pass up. 

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